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Syleena Johnson Releases Tenth Studio Album “Woman”

Written By Tianna Sheree- The Psychological Artist

Syleena Johnson has been a strong hold in the music industry for years. She has worked with the likes of Chicago’s top artist such as R-Kelly and Kanye West. She is a hometown shero in my eyes. Yet her talents expand way past the city who loves her the most. She is a true artist, talk show host, and now a fitness competitor.

​Recently, I was able to attend the release party for Syleena’s tenth studio album. Let’s start with the fact that Syleena walked in looking like a Trillion bucks. Yes! Not a million, not a billion, but a trillion bucks! She was slayed for the Gods honey! Talk about motivation.  

The event started with a highlight reel of Syleena’s work and praise from a few of the top artist in the game. Faith Evans described her the best. Like a suit smooth when you rub it one way, rough when you rub it the opposite way. That is the voice I have become familiar with and it has not changed. The reel reminded me of all the great music Syleena had released. The chapters that have grown with me as a woman. It took me back down memory lane.  I could name all the great songs that came from her albums, yet I would have to write a book to do so.

​It was amazing to hear Syleena’s journey and place during each album and song.  The chapters are a blue print to the life of a real woman. Syleena decided that chapters of her life should now be summed up in one album. The current album is simply titled “Woman”.  What a perfect title from a strong woman who had made it her place to speak for us all. Not only does she speak for us on the hit show Sister Circle, she is speaking for us with this album.

This album was made in a short time, yet to me it seems like she has been preparing for it for years. Each album that came before was preparing us for “Woman”. The single “Woman” is a powerful anthem that almost had me in tears. It is hard being a woman of color. Syleena came to show we are all fighters. The video made me want to grab my all black and join in on the movement she is starting. She states facts in this song. “If you want to make American great again you have to think like a woman and act harder like a man.” She is screaming to tell us all that we are the present, past, and future of this country. Where is the lie?

The song “I deserve more” had me emotional during the event. Mostly because the guy I am currently dating was working the same event. Crazy right! The song didn’t relate to him, yet it was something I felt I needed to open up and express to him. Past relationships can cause a woman to fear what comes next in love.  There was no need to express anything because Syleena did it for me. With lyrics like “I deserve more than the universe, more even when it hurts, more cause I know my worth. I deserve more than this”. That song opened up a conversation I didn’t know how to do myself.

Then there is the song called “Mountains”. A song that shows I deserve more is not for the man who is moving mountains to be with you. That’s the difference I see in this current situation. “I never knew a man could love me past myself”. That a different feeling I wish all women could experience once in their life time. Syleena describes a man who can be the standard and who could change the game in your life. Someone who can make you feel like the lyrics in the song “Home”.  “Home” is a smooth duet with 112’s Q Parker.

I told the guy I’m seeing how much of a nurturer I am when we first started dating. That was one of the thing Syleena stated after playing the song “Shero”. The nurturer in her made that song. We as women never want to see the men we care for fall. That’s the power of a woman. She also has a second duet called “Frontline”. This song showed me that love is team work. It’s not only for the woman to carry alone. She expressed how sometimes we are a little crazy and will curse you out. Yet it was truth that needed to be told.

Let’s just say the nights after ended with me playing songs “Believer” and “Come inside my house”. I won’t say the lyrics, yet my God. Valentine music on deck if you need it. Thank me later or after the next child is born. The song “Long time ago” was peace.  The faith and pain that we hold on too and need to let go. I needed to hear this song to let go what was a long time ago in order to enjoy what is In front of me today.

My absolute favorite song on the album is “Freelance Lover”. How can you not sing along to this song? It has been stuck in my head since I left the event. This song is music at its best! It is talent at its best! To hear her sing it live will remind you why Syleena is loved by so many. She is telling men what the hurt they are doing is causing. “You just wanna take her home. Make love to her then leave her alone. Walk out her life, fuck up her mind. And leave her like oh! You own so many broken hearts.” Men you need to understand the pain you often cause. Even the good ones don’t realize the role they play.

Ladies! We all have been through it. My advice for you now is to run and get the album “Woman”. Go listen, learn, and take note. You are a woman and you are not alone.

Tianna Sheree- The Psychological Artist

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