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This HBCU Grad Went From Being Homeless To A Six Figure Full Time Motivational Speaker

William Hollis, also known as King Hollis, is a motivational speaker from Pontiac, Michigan.

William is an International Motivational Speaker who motivates large audiences of all ages and demographics.He aims to inspire the world by telling his story, “HIS WHY”.

1) You’ve covered a lot of ground throughout the course of your speaking career. Tell us a little of your backstory and what led to this moment 

Honestly it was all God from day one. I didn’t choose speaking it chose me. so I always tell people it’s not me it's definitely God. When you become aligned with your dreams, everything flows and come together smoothly, so I basically found my purpose and did that everyday until I had my success. My reward was earned through following my purpose and I don’t see those rewards stopping anytime soon


2) What is the inspiration behind your new project “Pain and Purpose?” 

It’s about everything I ever been through, all the pain and homeless nights.I’m taking the knowledge that I used to escape poverty and putting it on an album. This album is a blueprint on how to make it with just you, God, and your purpose 

3) What do hope listeners can gain from your new album ?

I hope they finally see that everything they ever needed was inside of them 

4) How did your HBCU journey impact the person you are today?

 It impacted me a lot. I learned how to work and build with so many different personalities. At an HBCU campus you must be very responsible, so it definitely taught me responsibility and me embracing who I was and educated on who I was born to be 

5) What has been the biggest lesson about overcoming obstacles and failure that you have learned throughout your business journey? 

That nobody is suppose to believe in you your suppose to believe in you and that’s the only person that matter once you understand that greatness lies and in the individual that believes it’s there then your business you life your relationships will change 

6) Tell us about upcoming projects you are working on

I am working with ESPN, an album with VYBO, which is a huge YouTube platform, movies and commercials. If it needs a voice I’m on it all I can say is God is good 

7) Leave us with some words of advice you can offer to aspiring and current entrepreneurs 

Your tightest battle will always be with yourself. Defeat that illusion and watch the world get out your way. Free your mind your life will change 

8) What are 3 fun facts that most people don’t know about you

  I love Spanish food 

I’m a big fan of country music and the blues 

Love attending art shows 

Visit William online at

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