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A Conversation with HBCU Royalty - Miss Tuskegee University Simone Amos

​*This article was also featured in our Jan/Feb 2020 print magazine issue available here

Simone Sharod Amos, born in Jackson, Mississippi and raised in Meridian, Mississippi, is a graduating senior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a minor in English. She is the daughter of Roderick Amos and Bonnie DuBose. Throughout her matriculation at Tuskegee University, Simone has been engaged in a variety of organizations including Miss Sophomore 2017-2018, New Student Orientation Leader, Tuskegee University Honors Programs, and Tuskegee University Ambassadors Program. In the spring of 2018, Simone was initiated into the Gamma Tau Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated., and is the 90th Miss Tuskegee University 2019-2020.

During her campaign for Miss Tuskegee University, she ran on the platform of SWING: Regardless of Fear.​ Simone believes that over the mountain of fear is the land of success. We must put our faith in God that he will see us through all ventures.

Upon graduation, Simone plans to work in the communications field and pursue her Masters in Public Relations and Marketing. She is determined to bring her creative thinking and passion for serving others in her future career. Simone is a very outgoing and caring person, as well as, queen. One of her innate traits is her ability to connect with people from different walks of life. Throughout her reign, her aim is to ensure that Tuskegee students and the community is inspired to run towards their goals and accomplish them regardless of their fears.

1. Being a student leader:

Becoming a student leader for me was a goal that I have always known I wanted to accomplish. As I matriculated through Tuskegee University, I was privileged to have strong examples of student leaders to observe, which gave me the confidence to pursue such a goal. One of my initial steps in preparing for the Miss Tuskegee University campaign was to gather a campaign team. After gaining campaign members, I realized that this was a position that would be bigger than myself. It was evident through the support of my peers that many of them were ecstatic about the idea of having me as their Miss Tuskegee University. While being a student leader, I’ve faced many of the unknown tasks of such a position, met many HBCU student leaders, but most importantly I have learned more about myself than I could have imagined. I have been able to establish a legacy that I will be proud to leave behind.

2. Balancing School- work with social life

This school year has presented many challenges that have taught me how to navigate finding a balance between school and my social life. At the beginning of this school year, it was easier to balance both; however, as we delved into football season my school

work and campus involvement became more demanding. Not only am I Miss Tuskegee University, but I am also a student ambassador and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In order for me to find what some may call “balance,” it was vital that I create a habit of writing down my daily and weekly plan. Throughout my reign, I have had a great chief of staff that assists me in staying structured to prevent things from becoming overwhelming. Because I am a heavenly involved member of my chapter, I had to realize that being open to my line sisters about how much I could handle, in a timely manner, was key to making sure I still achieved my responsibilities as a member.

At times I did not realize how little of a social life I was allowing myself to have. After a while, it came to my attention how important it is for me to still have a social life as a senior and truly enjoy the time I have left with my friends and line sisters. As the new semester starts, I do aim to remind myself of the importance of self-care and to make an effort to enjoy more of my personal life.

3. Staying mentally healthy as a college student

I have never experienced any situation where I have questioned my mental health, but I do believe that college is a place where someone can truly experience various forms of mental health issues. In order for me to stay mentally healthy, I pray and ask my family to pray for me. I talk things out with people to avoid bottling my emotions. However, I have learned that our minds can become so cluttered with everyone’s opinion, right or wrong. Therefore, I have learned to seek wise counsel and minimize who I seek advice from, to still be able to hear my own voice.

It is important for a college student to find their space(s) that allows them to be separated from everyone and hear their own thoughts. Now that I have my single bedroom, I aim to spend as much time as I possibly can in there to have a quiet space and reflect.

4.Daily rituals to keep you going:

Before going to bed I write a to-do list as I mentioned previously. The next morning, I begin my day off with a prayer by thanking the Lord for allowing me to see another day and asking him to allow me to have a prosperous and blessed day. While getting ready for my classes, I am either listening to gospel, the complete Beyonce Homecoming album, or one of my rap playlists. You won’t catch me without a water bottle and a snack to keep me going if I can’t make it to the cafeteria. As I go through the day, I constantly check off tasks on my daily to-do list. The feeling of checking a task off my list is indescribable, so I truly encourage anyone who does not do this routine to start something like it. When I become overwhelmed, I stop and breathe slowly until my heart rate feels normal, then I find a solution. Lastly, I no longer do my work in bed. If I did, you can guess the result. Now, I sit at my desk to complete my assignments.

5. Inspiring words for others:

If you are thinking about running for a student leadership position, just go for it! Of course, layout your strategy to obtain that position, but you have to SWING REGARDLESS OF FEAR. You have to go after it even if you do it scared. A student leader will never be an easy job to fulfill. Sometimes you will feel alone, but you will realize you are not as alone as you think you are in a student leader community. Please remember to enjoy the moments this collegiate lifestyle brings to you because you will never get to relive them. Pat yourself on the back every now and then. It’s okay to be proud of yourself but remain humble. Lastly, grow your network, be beneficial to others and yourself, and always remember what is meant for you will become yours no matter what.

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