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Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Member Demariyon Futch is Changing the Fashion Game with Elevation XII

ELEVATION XII founded by Demariyon Futch, emphasizes on luxury street wear for the modern, eclectic guy with a street flare. Structured pieces, bold prints, innovative silhouettes & architectural details are all that each garment from this company is composed of. Demariyon Futch found the company in 2016. Born & raised in Thomasville, Georgia he has always had a unique hand and the desire to be a creative. Starting off as a stylist and creative director for many major fashion shows while studying journalism in College, he soon made his mark into designing menswear in 2012. After relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, Demariyon had set out to take his company to the next level. Over the past four years, the designer has made major milestones while working in the fashion industry.  Now thanks to the impact of social media ELEVATION XII is one of the most sought after small men’s brands, featured on celebrities such as Young Thug, Lil Uzi to Jazmine Sullivan just name a few. The brand can be found on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter as @Elevationxii

*This article originally appeared in our Jan/Feb 2020 print magazine issue available here Magazine 1) Tell us how your company Elevation XII got started. Were you always into fashion or was it just something that came about?  Elevation XII was founded in 2016, although the initial start up of me creating a clothing brand was in 2012. I started with a T-shirt line, having no experience in fashion or design at the time. I wanted to T-shirt line to create a buzz for myself in the apparel industry. I’ve ALWAYS been into fashion, growing up I can remember shipping for my own school cloths around late elementary school. Also, coordinating fashion shows in high school. It has always been a hobby or interest but I never knew a career.  2) What makes your brand unique from other fashion companies?  I believe my brand is unique and stands distinctive from my other brands because it’s a creation from within. It’s me! Entirely. My inspirations/aspirations, my moods and my eye for fashion. It’s a original with its unisex, streetwear & bold patterns and silhouettes.  3) What is the most rewarding part for you about what you do?  The most rewarding part would have to be helping men embrace they’re fashion abilities and sense. Letting men know it’s okay to be ‘man’ and into fashion. FREEDOM.  4) How has being a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. helped you throughout your business journey? What has been one of that valuable lessons you learned from both?  Kappa Alpha Psi has helped me tremendously throughout business. Young men think before pledging that joining a fraternity is partying, step shows and brotherhood. Don’t get me wrong it is those things lol but it probably was my first encounter being or feeling like an adult man; a businessman. We studied business, etiquette, finances & more. My most valuable lesson from both would have to be “stand firm, and every experience is a lesson”.

5) What has been the biggest lesson about overcoming obstacles and failure that you have learned throughout your business journey?  My biggest lessons I’ve learned throughout my business journey is acceptance. Accepting that business will not always go well, accepting there’s times you wanna quit or give up. You get tired, you get frustrated. But make every ‘L’ a lesson not a loss. And just get better!  6)Tell us about any upcoming projects you are working on?  I just released a FW19 Collection on 11/25 and now finishing up a Winter19 Unisex Fur Line. Looking at a release date before or right after Christmas. I’m also gearing up for my charity ‘Fashion Meets Philanthropy’ clothing drive at the top of the year, just to name a few.  7)Leave us with some words of advice you can offer to aspiring and current entrepreneurs.

My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to work HARD, be consistent and get better & better!  8)What are 3 fun facts most people don’t know about you? 3 fun facts people wouldn’t know about me is I can cut hair, I actually have a degree in Journalism I’ve never used and that I hateeee onions(because of pledging lol).  9)What legacy do you want to leave behind for the next generation? The legacy I want to leave behind is to encourage everyone that know matter your race, your sexuality, your background or where you from you can do/be anything you want in life. I also want men to be fashionably expressive by all means.  WWW.ELEVATION12.COM

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This man is a whole scammer…And has been scamming people since 2016…You pay for orders & never get them nor your $ back…I have proof of his scamming too.

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