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    Not long ago, Desiree Lee was just a convicted felon. She had nothing but a strong desire to make enough money as a single mom and never return to prison. With this strong desire, DLee had started over 6 businesses and failed. Though rejection and shame loomed over her head, she decided to share her story to prevent teen incarcerations, help individuals publish their first book, and become an entrepreneur. After many false starts in business, DLee finally became an International Public Speaker, 5x Award-Winning Bestselling Author, and sold over 20,000 units of her first book, “Inmate 1142980: The Desiree Lee Story”, by age 29. Fast forward to today, Desiree Lee is now the #1 Online Self-Publishing Consultant with over 10 internationally best-selling books, in 2 languages (Spanish and French).


    She’s the founder of Authors In Business Co. and DLeeInspires LLC; assisting several self-published authors to become bestselling authors. And outside of her business success, she is one of the most-watched, most quoted and most followed influencers of our time. In total, her videos have been watched repeatedly across her social media platforms. Her emails are read by over 5,000 people every month. “The goal isn’t to live forever but to create an IMPACT that does.” -DLee




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