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    A Word from Founder and CEO of the WONNET by Kalladora, Raquel. I am expressing my best self in this product creation. I’ve been on a 13 year journey of self -realization; which included dealing with the mental and physical effects of Graves’ disease, which represents a very dark period in my life. It was during this journey that I re-connected to my Source, GOD. I accepted the gift of restoration, and I am so grateful that I don’t look like what I’ve been through. God not only restored my mind and body; but during that health struggle He allowed me to reach my corporate career goals, a dream come true…. or so I thought…… In November 2016, God gave me a vision with purpose beyond anything that I could imagine. The vision for the WONNET was a gift that I immediately recognized as something only God could have created through me. I’ve never been a crafty type, and I have not worn weave in over 12 years.


    The WONNET is such a special beauty tool that it allows one to customize their look by choosing a cap style, cap color, and hair option, thus creating a unique opportunity to change your look while protecting your hair. It’s also a fun way to change your look without compromising your natural style. Our community commitment is to provide 10% of profits from the sale of WONNETs towards providing WONNETs to women dealing with hair loss as a result of a medical condition.





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