Truly Inspired Martin
  • Truly Inspired Martin

    The name 'Truly inspired Martin" is significant because Dana had to learn how to “truly inspire” herself to become the person she was destined to be. Dana is a captivating, real and raw international speaker and host, Author, Certified Life Coach and HR Consultant, founder of her nonprofit "Spoken 4 Causes", philanthropist, and an award-winning entrepreneur. She is a 2x suicide & domestic violence survivor among many other childhood and adult traumas that she uses as teachable and tangible lessons for her audience. Dana believes in the purpose within a woman and believes our young girls and women; just need direction towards the right path to be able to walk in it. As a professional speaker for 6+ years and entrepreneur she has received many accolades and awards; such as 2018 "Young Entrepreneur of the year" by Canada's Woman on Fire Organization and Awards, Nominated 3 years in a row for Orator of the year, Woman of Purpose, and Mentor of the year, Motivational Speaker, and Women's advocate. She has been honored for her contributions to the community and to women by Powerhouse Connect and has also received a certificate of advocacy for her dedication to reverse diabetes by Heeling Diabetes LLC. Dana understands that her purpose is greater than what she has been through and utilizes her gift of speaking to impact lives and make a difference. She has a passion for teenage girls and millennial women and makes it her goal to reach the hearts, minds, and lives of at least one person whenever she speaks.




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